Please note that the decision to publish the recommendations of the Economic Development Advisory Board lies ultimately in the discretion of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Board’s recommendations, whether solicited or unsolicited, remain confidential until released by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Advisory Note # Advisory Note Title Date Submitted:
#1/2015 Responding to the Declining Revenue Scenario  December 2015
#1/2016 Tripartite Discussions on the Economic Adjustment Programme  January 11th, 2016
#2/2016 Advisory Note on the Accelerated Deepening of Relations Between Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba  March 14th, 2016
#3/2016 Establishing a Heritage Fund  May 5th, 2016
#4/2016 Preliminary Proposals for the Pursuit of Mutually Beneficial Opportunities between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela in the Current Economic Situation  May 22nd, 2016
#5/2016 Revisiting Current Macroeconomic Policy Management  July 26th, 2016
#6/2016 Engaging the Trinidad and Tobago and West Indian Diaspora  October 15th, 2016